The facts are accurate. But I don’t think some of them are as important. Who cares if we played our first football match against Lithuania?

The name Belarus was widely applied to our land after partition of Polish-Lithuania commonwealth. Prior to that time the land of Belarus was known as Lithuania. In modern times Lithuanian is referred to land of Baltic speaking people. In the past Lithuanian was synonymous with east Slavic people living on territories of present day Belarus.

Belarus is not Russia. Ukraine is more simillar to Russia than Belarus in many aspects. Ukraine changed its name after WWI from Malorussia (little russia) to Ukraine, Russia changed its ethnonym Great Russians to Russia. While Belarusians kept the name. So there is a confusion. Our culture and language is more west Slavic than Ukrainian or Russian.

Here’s an article by a Ukrainian who visiting Belarus. The title what is difference between Ukrainian and Belarusian. There is a striking difference : http://shkolazhizni.ru/world/articles/43305/


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