State is impossible, but confederation can work. First thing we need to do is todefine is ideology of panslavism, extend it. Let’s face it, panslavism is not developed enough.
Second thing we need to do is to eliminate hate the between Slavs. Croats and Serbs, Russians and Poles and so on. We need to fight against discrimination.
We need a education reform, in my motherland Serbia in schools kids don’t even know that Slavs have mythology. We don’t learn that. Many people don’t know that they have Slavic origin.
We need to create Slavic nationalism.
We need a language reform, Southslavic, Westslavic and Eastslavic language are very different and grammar is terrible.
We need to educate people that they are Slavs.
All this would take years, decades.
Sorry for my bad English. I speak English fluently but grammar is the problem.


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