I read they are like 9 million ancestral Serbs (!) living in Turkey, which descend from the Serbs that settled the area. They still know their Slava's, and are pretty aware of their ancestry. I personally cannot believe that number, it's almost the same number as here :)

– link on Serbian

I think 9 milion is exageterated. Sure, it is well known that after fall of Belgrade all Serbs from there were settled near Constantinople, but they were allowed to keep religion, it is more likely they assimilated in Greeks, before 1921, Constantinople was still city with Christian majority , (370 000 Christians (Greeks and Armenians) vs 300 000 Muslims), but hard to say without serious researches.

One cannot claim for others, one may believe that he is not an ethnic Turk, hell rarely a Turk is an ethnic Turk, those guys were Asian. If he doesn't embrace his ancestry, noone will do it for him.

He is Turk, no matter of ancestry, he chose to be one. Ethnicity is rather subjective. Shandor Poteffi was of mixed Serbo-Slovak ancesty, nevertheless he died fighting Serbs and Slovaks (among others).


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