some of the Turks from another forum told me that the guy is really partially Yugoslav, his granfather on his father side is born in Bosnia or something like that. at least that it's what he was claiming at the start of his career. now he is denying that. Tanja Savic sindrome…

One cannot claim for others, one may believe that he is not an ethnic Turk, hell rarely a Turk is an ethnic Turk, those guys were Asian. If he doesn't embrace his ancestry, noone will do it for him.

I must say this again – a Turkish girl told me that when Turks see white-looking persons in Turkey (not tourists!), Turks think they are Russians … -> so that means Slavic. And even her friend from Turkey didn't look like her (very dark), she was paler and had light brown hair… then I found out that her mother was Bosniak. And here we go… the Janissaries – now in the sense of assimilated whites in Turkey.

Well, genetics and national awareness are two different things.


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