Well, you do not chose who will be Serb, it is up to each person to decide. What is Serbian ancestry? We are mixture of Slavs and Illyrians mostly, there is lot more influences also, ethnicity is more question of identification than ancestry. You have persons of pure Serbian ancestry who dont one to be such, you have people who chosed to be Serbs (Pavle Jurišić Šturm, Franjo Ribnikar, Rihard Radmilo Lang).

Why should I chose? Serbian ancestry is paternal lineage to the people known as Serbs inhabiting the ethnic region historically inhabited by Serbs. Every family, or individual knows best what his ancestry is, it is not up to me to claim nor to chose, who is or isn't a Serb.

I am stating that those individuals of Serbian ancestry, I would accept as fellow Serbs, regardless of religion, if they as well see themselves as such, if not then not. Others I would accept as citizens of the nation.

You can chose how to identify, with which nation, but you cannot chose what you are, that is given by birth, for you to embrace it, or not.

P.S. It is not false to identify with a different nation than your ancestry is, if you were born there, living there, not discriminated against, feeling accepted and comfortable there. However denying your ancestry is always frown upon as lack of dignity.


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