Nationality is rather subjective category. Miloradovići were of Serbian ancestry, they were very proud of that but again, they lived in Russia, they participated in Russian culture and politics and they identified themselves as such. They were Russian. Simple.
As far as some Euroepan (in broader senes ie white) chose to identify himself or herself with Serbs he is Serb, taht is how things looked like for major part of our history. Yes, Serbs mostly originated from Slavic wariors invited by Roman (Byzantine Empire), but there are Illyrians (who left lot of their genofond, Greeks, smaller slavic tribes Timočani for example…)

Yes, but those Slavic warriors, or however one may interpret them, is the lineage we are carrying, thus our ancestry. It is true that we have Thraco-Illyrians in our genofond (you spread the tribe over foreign women), but not their lineage we are carrying. The lineage was the first fundament for building a family > clan > tribe > state > ethnos > nation. By assimilating others in the family, clan or tribe, the ethnos was wided.

Thus it is normal to identify with the nation living in, especially for generations, if accepted however, meaning not discriminated against, nonetheless denying your ancestry is to this day (in my opinion) frown upon, I see it as a lack of dignity. If born in Russia I would certainly have more to identify with the Russian than the Serbian nation, however denying that I am a Serb, thus posing as an ethnic Russian, is in my opinion just false and shows lack of respect towards yourself.


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