Yes, but those Slavic warriors, or however one may interpret them, is the lineage we are carrying, thus our ancestry. It is true that we have Thraco-Illyrians in our genofond, but not their lineage we are carrying. The lineage was the first fundament for building a family > clan > tribe > state > ethnos > nation. By assimilating others in the family, clan or tribe, the ethnos was wided.

Cvetinov, that is not how things gone. You have entire families of non-Serb ancestry who assimilated in Serbs and accepted Serbian identity, for example Balšići (their suriname is obviously of Romance origin). Also not all the Serbs lived in tribal system. They lived when arrived but over the years we developed few medival states with cities, nobilty, lot of migrations (Petrovići-Njeguši trace their lineage from Bosna, and not from nobles but rather from peasants. Tribes and klans developed in Montenegro and Hercegovina after Turkish conquest, people escaped there and offten allied them for better survival, they are not necessary blood related.


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