Cvetinov, that is not how things gone. You have entire families of non-Serb ancestry who assimilated in Serbs and accepted Serbian identity, for example Balšići (their suriname is obviously of Romance origin). Also not all the Serbs lived in tribal system. They lived when arrived but over the years we developed few medival states with cities, nobilty, lot of migrations (Petrovići-Njeguši trace their lineage from Bosna, and not from nobles but rather from peasants. Tribes and klans developed in Montenegro and Hercegovina after Turkish conquest, people escaped there and offten allied them for better survival, they are not necessary blood related.

I am aware of that, but that people were assimilated, better yet, formed the ethnos before the forming of nations in the 19th century. According to theory, original Serbs were Sarmato-Alans, that spread their tribe over some proto-Slavic tribes thus forming with them the modern Slavic ethnos. If the ethnos was limited only to the original Serbs (as well as the original Rus, Polyans, Czechs etc.), we wouldn't have much people to form the nations we eventually formed.

It is the expansion of their lineage, as well as the assimilation of lesser Slavic as well as non-Slavic tribes, that brought the expansion of the ethnos, which eventually in the 19th century formed a modern nation.

Petrovići-Njeguši trace their lineage from Vojvoda Bogut.

If the question was, would I accept a Slav that is of other ancestry than Serb, as a Serb, if he wishes to. I would say yes, because the term Serb fits in the category of any Slav sharing the same language, tradition, identity, thus standing on the same side. Would I see him as an ethnic Serb, well obviously not if he is of different known ancestry that isn't assimilated in, or formed our ethnos. That doesn't mean that he is less worth than any other, I would even say he is more worth, because he expands, furthermore contributes to the nation.


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