@Knez what the actuall fuck is a multilingual ethnicity? our language is divided by dialects (even under croats) you sir are not special. kajkavians can understand torlaks without any problems. i agree that religion is not important (by this logic tesla is croatian ;) haha) i am dalmatian and i have more in common with hercegovians and montenegrins than with people from zagorje or vojvodina (especially genetics). i see our people as one people but i will never identify myself as serbian nor will i expect from serbians to identify as croats. and this is why jugoslavija could not survive with the super serbian focus it had. Belgrad evolved from a small village to a metropole in jugoslav times, because the money from the whole country was floating to belgrad. if jugoslavija survived serbians would have broken up the country anyways to create greater serbia with their famous relocation policy and relocating all the servs from kosovo into krajina and bosnia. well now enjoy seeing your people divided all over the balkan. You know whos responisble? its you and your dumb ass ancestors from belgrade, the centre of evil.