Hand-kissing isn’t a common practice anymore (although it used to, and it would be recognized as the “Polish thing”, but it’s out of use). And Poles don’t really eat pizza with ketchup. I’m not saying noone ever does it, but it’s not a thing at all. Maybe frozen that pizza you prepare yourself in the oven, but that’s about the only way to make it edible. Pizzerias don’t offer ketchup. I’ve never seen anyone do it apart from home. Could be a regional thing though. Burek isn’t the most popular name for a dog at all, it wouldn’t even make the top 100, see http://psy24.pl/czytelnia,ac92/aktualnosci,ac145/najpopularniejsze-imiona-dla-psow,1764 – a poll conducted by a popular dog-lovers website, psy24 (or dogs24). It’s still an interesting selection, and most observations are correct, but some are false or highly doubtful


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