@Shaokang Maybe the cities and town used to employ more people locally,but most of those towns where local populace was linked with a single plant wouldn’t have survived to this day regardless of Yugoslavia staying one country or breaking apart.They used to employ enormous amounts of unnecessary people,from several thousands to tens of thousands.Such towns fell apart not only in ex-yu,but in far more stable countries such as the U.S.A.

Rural areas got a big boost since the breakup.The connectivity is I dare say excellent and you can get relatively fast to any part of the country using the new highway network.Prior to that some areas were only accessible via the old roundabout roads that often over the steep mountaintops and old bridges.I can’t even begin to compare the differences between now and then.People in this country like to bitch a lot about the state of things,and we still have ways to go,but we have it better off than many others.


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