@Shaokang you cannot compare whole Yugo with today situation. Why? Because countries which entered Yu weren’t in the same industrial phase. For example Serbia, BiH and Macedonia benifited the most. During AU we had some companies. They weren’t top class but on they foundation later some big companies were built. 
You say that todays countries don’t have anyone famous. What about Novak, Janica, scientist Đikić etc. 
Juga was good for members of Commie party. My parents worked and put some part of wage for so called workers apartmantes but they didn’t even see them. They were all taken by commie bastards. I come from working class family but that “workers paradise” wasn’t so great as it presented. 
Yu had some good things, of course, it wasn’t all bad. Some things were better then rather then today…
Juga was a failed experiment which should never happend. Because of that two Yu Croats and Serbs are on war path, before that, never. 


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