@KnezIvan Yes, some infrastructure of communistic Yugoslavia was built during Industrial Age – previous AU facilities, but you got to realize that it has been almost 50 years in time lapse between communism and AU; for example road and railroad network were made from scratch, and a lot of factories. My intention was just to compare countries in the same age (Digital Age from late 1950’s to late 1970’s and Information Age – today). Furthermore its incorrect to say that Serbia built most infrastructure during SFR Yugoslavia or even Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The biggest deal was made during Obrenovic dynasty which preceded Yugoslavia (for example if you went to Belgrade, all of those building with nice decoration facade were done back then, large sewer system was planned and constructed back then by Milankovic which was so good that even today there is no need for any widening/change and so on). Such huge urbanism projects were not present during Karadjordjevic dynasty, but communists did managed to make many stuff.
Also, it were not just your parents who were paying the money for flats and didn’t got it, many people had to do that – my parents including. Indeed because of communism personal property rights were much worse, but still whichever political party is in government today their members still live in “mini” communism, so in a way its better today but shadows of communism are still quite present. Another worse thing in communism were personal freedoms.
Only famous people today are sportsmen, and as they are not beneficial to the society I don’t consider them important (just a personal opinion, a bit biased but I don’t care). I didn’t heard about scientist Djikic but after I “googled” I noticed he earned degree in New York and now works in Germany. That’s exactly what I’m saying
. If he tried to do science in any of ex-Yugoslav countries he could achieve nothing. For example, back then you had pioneer of humanoid robotics Vukobratovic who got his degrees and made scientific projects, both in Yugoslavia.


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