Sincerly I don't know… I was born in Poland, raised and have lived there for 7 years. I learned a lot, especially from my grandmother, and I have never forgot my culture. Now I live in another country, from 18 years that I am here but… How tells me my friends, I'm totally different from them, I think in a way totally different and act differently. I think that just because I'm Polish and I will remain it forever. It seems strange that in all these years I have not been contaminated by Western culture? This would be enough to quiet cultural anthropology, that I'm studying :P My mannerisms, way of eating, thinking and all that I am is the result of the nationality and the race to which I belong, I suppose. Western culture does not fascinate me at all, I am increasingly convinced of wanting to return home, that does not mean I do not like the country where I live, I thank them indeed for hospitality, for friends and for what happened to me, I can not speak badly of them. It was not me who decided to come here, I want to clarify this point. I can not even explain why I feel this need to go, indeed I have lived here more than there, we've always returned each year for the holidays. Finally I can go, we have the house left to us by my grandmother. It remains for me little to finish university and get back. The thing I will miss are friends, I have no doubt about this … but unfortunately I have always had difficulty living here, starting with the weather. I don't feel at my ease… There are many things I have learned here, but this remains knowledge not what I really am.
About the youth… the fascination lies in the fact that everything is permitted. They watch films, tv, listen music and so on totally different from our culture. This difference is fascinating because it promises something new. But probably just growing up we realize that this does not belong to us. I think that this realization does not depend on thought itself, but just from the blood and race.


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