Im  a Christian(Catholic) and believe in Jesus Christ. I was raised Catholic but didnt become serious about my faith until my late teenage years. From about the age of 15-17 i seriously started to question everything and was wondering what was the point of it all.I wouldnt say I ever stopped believing, but I realized my parents were human and not perfect and neither was the church, so my mind set was kind of like “why should I believe any of this.” I then really started to think and research about belief in God and read about other faiths as well as my own. My first thoughts were to come to some conclusion about God, and who he is. Was he just an energy, a force, or was he a personal God. I came to the conclusion that there are certain things in this universe that greatly support a belief in God. First off, we can see through evolution and life, that life comes from matter( dust, dirt, rocks), and that some how from this matter came a tiny little living cell, which then evolved into complex creatures such as humans. That from inanimate matter came such a complex being that this dirt and rocks can now contemplate its own existence. This seemed and seems amazing to me. To just claim it all as an accident seems a weaker argument to me than to believe it isnt. I also could see that the whole goal of life is to reproduce and to not die. If this is all an accident then why does this life try so hard not to go back to being just matter, why does it try so hard to keep giving life. Its almost as if the universe is willing for life to happen, that it’s its goal. This however didnt prove to me that God could be a personal God, just that there seems to be some coordinator or energy dictating all of this. However, when I really thought about it, everything in this life is personal. Humans, animals, and all life to some extent is very personal. So why wouldnt God also be personal? if this were true then I would expect this God to try and establish some kind of relationship with his creatures. Wouldnt he do that if he was a personal God? Well, thats exactly what the Judeo-Christian faith claims God did. Almost all historians agree that before Judaism there was no such thing as the kind of Monotheism you find in Judaism and Christianity. Before it, the vast majority of humans believed in multiple Gods, sometimes with a supreme ruler, who were pretty much indifferent to humans( unless they needed something) and were to be feared or used as a source of power against other rivaling nations. Usually the conquering nation was considered to have the stronger Gods and the losing nation would accept their Gods to be worshiped in their pantheon. Christianity( coming from Judaism) claims that there was only one God who created everything, and that he chose a nation of people to reveal himself to, and then that in revealing himself completely to these people through the person of Jesus christ, he would then reveal himself to the entire world. This is completely different to paganistic beliefs and eastern philosophical religions like Bhuddism. After, thinking about that I decided to read the gospels( which honestly i had never really done on my own) and I was completely impressed by the person of Christ. He never went after worldy things like money, power, and sex, but instead spoke in such a way I would expect God to speak. He claimed we should love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us( something completely contradictory to human nature), and that moral actions were more important than physical outwardly traditions( which not only judaism but the whole world was into). He was neither fanatically puritan( like the quakers) nor morally laxed in his teaching( like greeks and romans). the Eastern religions( buddhism and confusionism) are not necessarily bad but they dont ever claim to be anything other than an earthly human outlook on how to live a good life, in many ways they are atheistic. Also when i compared Jesus to Muhammed, a man who had power, money, sex and advocated what i see as typical human fanaticism such as the cleaning of oneself self with his left hand after using the toilet, considering it a sin to pee on yourself( yes these are rules from muhammed) . There was no debate in my mind who was a better man to follow. I could also see that Christians who seriously and sincerely followed their faith ( like mother Therese, Pope John paul the second, and many others) were markedly different from the rest of the population and had something very special about them. All in all I honestly realized that in Jesus and his life, I could see something beautiful and special that offered me something different than the rest of the world. As ive gotten older, I realize more and more what true wisdom is and that sincere following of Jesus and his teachings only brings good.  I hope i didnt offend anyone, but this isnt usually a consideration form many atheists( looking at above posts) so Im not too worried. Those are my beliefs and I think that Christianity was and still is very important to the slavic cultural identiy. I think if slavs loose their christian roots, then any self pride will purely just become nationalism and egoism instead of the cultivation of community and our people. These are my views. Very interesting thread. 


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