New movie Viking (2016)!

This is history movies about princes of Kievan Rus’. There is a lot of hype about his movie in Russia. The rights to show the movies was sold to more than 60 countries.

Kievan Rus, late 10th century. After the death of his father, Svyatoslav I, ruler of Kievan Rus, the young prince Vladimir is forced into exile across the frozen sea in Sweden to escape his treacherous half-brother Yaropolk , who has murdered his other brother Oleg and conquered the territory of Kievan Rus. The old warrior Sveneld  convinces Vladimir to assemble a force of Viking mercenaries led by a Swedish chieftain ( hoping to reconquer Kiev from Yaropolk.

The film will be released in two versions, one family friendly version with an age restriction of 12+, and a complete version, with a rating of 18+.





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