I agree with Dmitriy Kushnir that strong families create strong communities, and families must be a priority. I love that he focuses on this idea. I see many positive aspects to a Native Faith centered community. Native Faith in Ukraine, at least, has encouraged a movement to preserve and revive Ukrainian culture. With strong communities come strong economic benefits, as well. 

IS Slavic Native Faith any different from Native Americans practicing their ancient spiritual faiths and rituals? I have Seventh Day Adventist friends who live in a SDA community. They work in professional jobs, yet they home school their children, follow a healthy diet as required by SDA, grow their own food, and their children will most likely marry someone from the community. It very positive. 

Slavic Native Faith also respects the natural environment. There has been terrible ecological devastation in Western Ukraine. Rodnovery communities could help save and encourage respect for forests, lakes and the soil that produces food.

Anyway, maybe Slavorum members who follow Native Faith can expound on how it enhances their lives and how they practice it. I would be interested. :)


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