I like long hair very much for many years. My hair is about 80cm long (soon it will reach the hips :D), dark brown, shining maroon in the sun. I have been dyeing it black for 5 years, the last time some months ago (bad influence of metal-scene ;) ). Now I want to get my natural haircolor back, but it will take it's time. My favorite hair color is blond because I like Nordic types (especially men  :D), but I also like red hair (only women) and some brown-shades. What I don't like is thick hair (like it can be found among Turks and Arabs !). It's looking like bristles, not silky-smooth like thin hair. Thin hair can be healthy, too (my hair is still healthy though I haven't been cutting it for 2 years; the women on the photos have thin hair, too).

Svätoslava, would you post a photo of your hair or describe it? :)