I think the best looking cross is the Pour le Merit.  I saw one at Jackson Barracks, New Orleans and it is strikingly beautiful for a military decoration.

I would wonder about a political party that uses violent symbols.  What are they trying to convey?  Certainly not that they will respect the will of the people, or protect citizens who express ideas not in the mainstream and the very symbology would tend to alienate your neighbors.  If that party came to power it's very symbology would marginalize it from the surrounding countries.  Would not a re-armed Germany (that's coming under a United Europe) be justified in taking punitive actions against a Poland that appeared to pose a threat?

The current system that America/Britain set up with the Soviet Union at the end of World War II seems to have preserved peace in Europe.  It is Democratic enough that Europe chose a French System off Democracy versus the US model.  I personally would like to change individual items, but the overall result Peace and a basic end of life threatening poverty is a remarkable achievment. 

I know we may not all get along, but we don't have to kill each other, or bomb our wives and children anymore in Europe.  My relatives in Germany have't seen combat since 1945, and anybody who has been to war will tell you that's a good thing.  Thomas Jefferon was asked once why the Americn Revolution was necessary and he replied "I'm a soldier that my son can be a farmer, that his son my be a poet."  That's probably the only really good reason for war.

I would discourage the policy of a Slavic Union political group or any politician from being violent, let the emblems show that they are a friend to mankind, but will always defend their rights.  Those emblems will always be respected by men of integrity of all nations and be attacked and burned by men of evil and sometimes that's more of an endorsement than who your friends are.