TheDovahkiin97 that is simply not true, actually  there was tribe named Moravani who lived there. I don’t know were they Serbs or were they later assimlated. Pannonian Slavs were probably separated branch assimilated by both Serbs and Croats, and even Hungarians. Original Serbs and Croats were possibly Sarmatian tribes, so even in begging they were probably just made of various assimilated Slavic tribes and possibly some non Slavic.
Beside some other parts Serbs settled in present they Bosnia, Western Serbia , Montenegro, southern Dalmatia and Hercegovina, where 1st Serbian state was formed, that is what Greeks wrote. If nothing Raska and most of modern Bosnia and Hercegovina were one region, Duklja, Paganija etc were separated, but according to Greeks those people spoke the same language as people in Raska and Bosnia. There is even one quote that says tnly Serbs crossed to the Balkans, but let’s not start discussion about that quote.
I don’t belive that strong broder between Serbs and Croats existed and I think that on the Balkans and nearby areas they assimilated bunch of other Slavic and non Slavic tribes and grupations, and I thing that we can not watch that period in sense of modern time ans modern ethnical divisions. Modern view of ethnicity is relatively new tern, that started few hundreds years ago in France, and I agree with Shaokang in that sense.

Many things about early history of Serbs and Croats are not very clear,and don’t forget that they have close ties with Avars too.

When I check my previous posts, yes I was butthurted but your map, and I took it too seriously.
As I stated.

Shaokang I agree with you for the most part, 
but if touching their “national feelings” means prasing shovinsm while mocking, ignoring, finding excuses and minimalising some terrible things, I cannot promisse that I would be able to respect that.
Oluja and Bljesak are crimes that had support and went without punishment, and Serbs are still treated like animals in many parts of Croatia, I see celebration of Oluja in Knin even without drunk idiots who burns flags of Serbian country as provocation and as message to the Serbs: don’t come back, because you are not welcome. Which for someone who belive in human rights sounds and look terrible. Croats in Serbia have the same rights as Serbs, and no one can mock them based of their religion or ethnicity.
Which means that I think that unlike Serbs, they live in a box filled with various agendas and propagandas, I don’t think that it has to do much with nationalistic feelings, I think that whole thier society is filled with Serbophobia by their medias, and I think that anti Serbian propaganda is spread even today.
So I think that they as a whole are not aware of many things and are too biased to even take into consideration what other side has to say.
But I don’t want to stereotype to much, there are free minded people there as well.
These days Serbian medias talk about raise of Fashism in Croatia, I can understand that part might be propaganda, but I would not be supprised if that is actually true. But Iet’s not turn thread into that direction.
And ja nemam pojma sto uopste svi koristimo Engleski :)