The way I see it: most of the Croats here (and in general) have deep nationalistic feelings. I don’t mean nationalistic in the bad context, but it can turn ugly if you hurt those feelings – ie. say something that would make them feel less important or valuable in nationalistic sense. I think that’s simply their characteristics as a nation, this proudness they have.
Bosniaks would feel the same sentiments if you call them intellectually challenged and for Serbs its trying to call them warmongerish liars.

I agree, it was unjust to swear on your family. In fact its plain rude.

Concerning middle ages historical things you talked about. I consider whole medieval thing utter rubbish. I see it as an excuse for justification of modern nations. I consider history of modern Serbia to start in 1780’s and of modern Croatia in 1890’s.

Concerning Nazi Croatia’s death camp, I can’t see any justification and its sad it happened to our nation which have no relations to Jews. Also I believe that Serbian government abandoned their people on too many occassion to be trusted ever again, and by that I don’t think just in case of this WW2 Nazi Croatia death camps. However through last 250 years various Serbian governments (and movements before the formation of modern Serbia) were led by foreign centers of power. Maybe that’s a bit unorthodox perspective for a Serb to see things but that’s how I see.

PS. I couldn’t care less for those that don’t want to be part of our nation, I also think we should let know anyone who doesn’t want to be part of our nation that they can’t count on the Serbs if something goes wrong or if they realize they made a mistake. That doesn’t mean I think Croats are Catholic Serbs, because here we don’t share the same opinion. That was meant entirely for our own.