TheDovahkiin97  yes I am butthurted when it comes about ethnic cleansing and war crimes and I don’t have any reason to hide it. And I don’t like jokes about that either, and it is not only about Serbian victims, all victims are the same. 

I gave you names I admit, but I didn’t try to offend you or your family with personal insults as you did. 
If you didn’t do that, and if you were more open without mocking my opinions to hear other views, it would not be a problem with mutal respect to discuss about history or maps that you posted. 
You can say that I started covo about stollen lands, but you were the one who made his own maps and there were other ways to point me that I was being disrespectful toward your or feelings of other Croatian members.

We can leave everything, but I don’t really have will to discuss anymore.
You can say that I don’t have arguments, I don’t give a damn.