Why do I have to repeat that i am not interested on hating over serbians as individuals but to discuss historical facts.

Croatians never did horrible stuff like jasenovac before ww2. And to say that we have little to no history is pure ignorance.
We followed the call of the byzantine emperor and left our ancient homeland to fight of avars, we settled pannonia bosnia and dalmatia but we were weakend by magyars and serbia used the situation and occupied eastern bosnia and montenegro.

We were never serbians and we will never be.
You see us as German/Hungarian slaves?
I see you as Russian/(Greek) “slaves” (hardcore sympathisants).
Serbs are worst serbian/croatian/albanian/bosnian/bulgarian/makedon/romanian/hungarian enemies.
You know why? Because you share borders and not interests ;)
Personally i see serbs as misled brothers.
I got good serbian friends and i would give my life for them.
The only thing croatians want is to be accepted as one ethnicity and nation.

I presented historical facts and the only thing you got to say about all this is that it is MAYBE wrong? And that it could have been different? Why are you guys arguing about history at all? I mean i could also tell bullshit like serbs are orthodoxizated croats??? You see how stupid this sounds? I could say the first “serbian” dutchy (h)r(v)a(t)ška was a croatian province lol
You would have to listen to this bullshit for lifetime while i just cover my ears.

Serbia is neither bigger/stronger/more glorious/wealthier or in any way better than croatia.
Deal with it.

(p.s. this “kid” is a 19y old, 1,90m tall academic) <3