No offence guys but if average Croat think like half way trolls Gvarda and Knez Ivan and this pro nazi kid I feel sorry for your pathetic nation.
Serbs were big nation and because of that have big, rich but also sad history, Serbs were always the worst  Serbian enemies. Croats are and always will be small nation that work how big poweres say and have little to none history.
And yes many Croats (not all)  are converted Serbs and those are historical facts and super easy to check, problem is because you guys are brain washed with media and anti Serbian propagandas so you can not see or you pretend that you don´t see how bad crimes your countrymern commited durring history. Oluja was ethnic cleansing the worst in Europe after WW2 not action for liberation or something, Serbs lived on that land for centuries, so you can not defend land based of idiotic communist borders, Jasenovac, Jadovno.. were concentration camps where terrible crimes were commited, unlike Usaše I never heard that Germans had concetration camps for kids in whole WW2.
I would have fear at least from God to prasie such a crimes.
Or you guys just don´t have shame while at the interent, I hope that it is opposite in real life.
Jovan Dučić said long ago that Croats are the bravest people , not because they don´t have fear, but because they don´t have shame.