Tagging the whole history of a country/countries to single individual that lives today is pointless if he’s not some politician, member of royal families or aristocracy, so that you or your ancestors could directly participate in creation of the history. Not to mention the history that might never ever happened the way we think it happened. You’re talking about the countries that were conquered so long ago that whatever could be written in the history books of newly revamped nations could be taken with a grain of certainty.

On completely other note every country needs brainless nationalists. They are the single cheapest and most valuable thing the country can afford, and could be maintained with minimum effort/funds. Also I just find it too primitive for any ‘modern’ human to act so tribal in the era when individualism matters the most. Like farmers measure their wealth in amount cattle they have that how countries measure their strength with the amount of nationalistic morons they have. I’m sure most of the adult Serbs share my opinions. So yeah, I’m laughing my ass off when I read your comments, but I recon you’re too young to realize few things.