That is not really the nuance I mean by using “Germanized” (adopting language and identity). Rather, it is the word I am using to mean a cultural influence, whose imprints are better exemplified by cleanliness, “Ordnung”, laws, reservedness, individualism, and the likes, even regardless of genetics. The epitome of these traits is most often represented by Germanics, but of course, not necessarily (vide Japan, Basque Country, Ireland). “Nordicized” would be as a good term (as most such cultures are in the North, like Germanics, Celts, some Baltic Finns).

As for the second, “Czechs are Germanized Slavs, and Slovenes are Slavicized Germanics”, I think the author rather meant to be a figure of speech to indicate the degree of “Germanicness/Nordicness” perceived in each country. As in, Slovenes behave even more so than Czechs.

Also, if anyone reading this could comment on Sorbs, regarding these subjects, opinions are welcome.