@Guestuser I get what you mean but, like cHr0mChIk said, “germanized” might be too strong a word, or just inappropriate because it implies adopting the German identity. It’s a negative word for Slovenes and my guess is the Czechs don’t appreciate it either. But I agree that our values are more similar to those of the Austrians and Germans.

I think the nation-soul isn’t really what binds a pan-ethnicity together. I don’t know much about the Sorbs but I’m sure that if you were to observe their habits you wouldn’t be able to distinguish them from regular Germans. Thus it’s their language and traditions that binds them to the other Slavs. Traits and values are too tied to politics, history and just the location in my opinion.

“Czechs are Germanized Slavs, and Slovenes are Slavicized Germanics” The phrase is more philosophical than it needs to be and can easily be misunderstood. The author could have just said what you said.

@Sviatogor Damn straight man. May Kresnik smite them dirty Švabs! :D