> I’d be biased writing anything about Lithuanians and Latvians. Because we share plenty that I cannot describe in a paragraph. Language, ethnography, history, geography, culture, anthropology, genetics, mentality.

Could you write more in detail? 

I have been looking for information regarding such folks’ (Balts, Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians) similarities, without much success. I have created somewhat of an impression already, but I am open for corrections. I am particularly interested in what similarities they might share concerning culture and mentality.

Lithuanians seem to share a lot with Poles, but they still seem different in subtle, but important ways. Lithuanians are not quite Slavic at core, and resemble Nordic people as in loving nature, celebrating Midsummer, and being seemingly colder and more orderly (they are modernizing their country at a faster pace than Poland and following Nordics instead of Central Europe as a role model).

Latvians don’t seem to share much with any East Slavic country. Actually, not even with Lithuanians, apart from language and some manners of behaviour. Latvians resemble Nordics, especially Finns and Estonians. It is justifiable, as they were under Northern German rule for centuries. As a whole, I perceive Latvians as quite “Germanic-like”.