Povhec Karkoli boš reku ali pa naredu za nas dobrega da bi se povezali bolj in da bi nas bolj štekali ti naši zamejski Slovenci ti bodo pljuniliv obraz. Oni se imajo za Windish ( Kao za Nemce ) in ne za Slovence. Preveč imajo sprane možgane. Veš kaj je reku Hitler stokrat povej laž bo laž. Ko bošđ povedu stoprvič bo pa resnica.

For all others who didn't undertand what i wrote back thear ( What ever you will tell or do for us do bound with others from our national minorities  they will spit you right in your face. Because they all think that they are German Windish and not some Slovenians. They are just to much brainwashed. You know what Hitler said: If you tell a lie for houndred times it will stil be a lie. When you will told a lie for first hundred time then it will be a truth) It's a crazy world  ::)

It's called the complex of little nations (or balkanisation), when you look in the Balkans you have almost every 20 years a birth of one such nation that barely exceds a number of 2 milion since the middle of the 20th century.

you're right