Nice to know all the money the Soviets and Nazis spent on propaganda wasn't wasted, but was carefully sucked up by the lower classes.  First of all the Americans didn't invent pornagraphy and if you ever flipped on a TV in the US you would know that the regular parade of genetalia you see on Europes TVs is illegal in the US and stricly regulated in the US. If you want pornagraphy you have to order and pay for cable, but there are also hundreds of other choices you as an individual could have made.  The fact is there is less sex on US TV than European, Asian or South American TV.

Gohnerea- fact the US invented penecillin for the Army, bcausethey were afraid they would catch Sexually Transmitted Diseases from the locals, during World War II, because Europe had higher rates of Venerial Disease.  That makes sence, put the name of any country in front of the word escort and see whose nationals come up.  Most hookers are OMG Russian, that's right your countrymen.  When you do see a rare American listed it is ussually a recent imigrant and ussually a drug addict.

Americans invented Race Mixing (for Nazi Stooges)/ Americans are rascist monsters (for Communist Stooges).  Fact most Americans marry within their own group, Northern Europeans marry Northern Europeans, Asians marry Asians and Africans marry Africans.  America is not Brazil.  In fact one of the major problems the US Army in Europe has is white GIs attacking black GIs, because they were out on dates with white europeans.  The Communists regularly used to harrass the US about segregation (the black soldiers servered in segregated units) and made a point of dragging lots of third world rapists to Europe to show off how enlighted they were.  They were the poster child for we are all the same, not the US.  Want to blame somebody for mongrelizing Europe, start with Russia. 

By the way my pure Russian friend, for the record one of our great fears in Texas and Mississippi, during the Cold War was a world dominated by a mixed Asian, middle eastern hoard led by Communist Jews like Trotsky called RUSSIA.

For the record the two most awful places to live in the US race wise are New York and Los Angeles, both of which seem to be the only place foreigners like yourself are interested in visiting.  No doubt so you can find a nice third world friend to hang out with.