@Sibiryak-  Where did you study history Patricia-Lumba University, where only pure Russians go?

@Joms Viking, i see you're constantly trying to equate me with negros and papuans  ::) Stupid idea, nothing can make me angry in the Internet, you only show your level of american chauvinism and russophobia (and probably antislavinism), moreover you taught the history from textbooks for rednecks.

Your statements about mass race mixing only began in the New World is pretty Bizarre.  Like every ancient Army of Europe did n't rape it's way across it's enemies and last I checked there were no tribes called the names of the modern Nation States.  If you Google the Term "King of the Wends", you find out that claim came about, because the royalty of Sweden and Denmark made that claim, because they claimed decent from Wendish Princesses in their line, but the line of Canute (King in England) can make the same claim, as can the royal houses of Saxony and Brandenburg. The Saxon King Albert Fathered Queen Victoria's children, whose children married the Czar and Kaiser.  Since you consider that the number of Wends World wide is Probably uder $200, 00o, it sounds like those set of genes really made th Royal Bed room rounds in Europe , both before and ater the discovery of America. Likewise the Kievian Rus are from a Viking line, not Slav.  Didn't the Alexander the Great marry a Persian Princess and later an Afgan? The Spaniards are mixed with the Moors, the Romans Mark Anthony and Ceasar were sleeping with Cleopatra, the Royal House of Sicily married about two hundred different conquerers.

Cool argument, it looks like a statement "interracial sex was invented by neanderthals, the U.S. policy for aggressive tolerance in other countries is no important". Who brought millions of africans from Africa? Alexander the Great or prince Rurik? Who gave them to live in America? Who enforces the American model of multiracial society for all planet, including mono-ethnic white countries? Great thanks for your lecture, I never knew about mixing between white people in Europe and between whites and blacks in border countries before.. maybe i will print your essay in my igloo and and show it to my tribe  ;D

Need we mention the Asiatic contribution to your own genetic make up by the Mongols and Tatars?

"Russian history for dummies" must be a smart book for you, I agree. If you would read something more intelligent, you would know, mongol yoke was limited collection of tribute, some mixing with Asians took place in South regions and some neighboring country. Now, pure Russians have almost same level of asian genes with other Slavs, only populations from Northern-Western Russia have high percentage of them from mixing with Finns.

I know your next step, show me the pictures of assimilated not-Russian minority with words "look at this russki mongol!!!111"

Your statement about America supporting Communisn is bizarre, they never won a single seat in the Congress.  Marx was correctly told he was a bum in New York to go make an honest living, as was Castro and Trotsky.

I understand your feeling, you will never admit, commie revolution of 1917 was sponsored by american bankers, politicians and entrepreneurs too. They just wanted resources of Russia, but bloody experiment has gone out of control. :)) You may not comment my words, i know, communism for you is limited by Marx, "Russians" like Lenin-Blank, Trotsky-Bronshtein, Stalin-Dzhugashvili and people "who accepted communism without any resistance".