Russian History for Dummies??  Is that the book you studied at Patricia Lumba University???

As for Mongrel Groups, of all Slavism Russia is the only part that equates being Slavic with this messed up thought process from asia, unless your a wanna be Turk, which I don't find very authentic either. We complain about North America, but a quick examination of the posters hear shows me that your average Canadian or American Slav is still the same I don't see anybody f**** asians or third worlders here.  Let me ask you, before the Asians moved in and started dating your Ancestors and spending the money they took from them do you not realize that they were more like Europe than Asia?  Your alphabet is clearly based on the Greeks, your architecture on Byzantium, etc. 

Modern Russia is the most screwed up of all the countries of Europe, and will remain so until it stops thinking like some paranoid gook on a shaggy pony looking for A** or money, or tolerating Communists which is the ideology of the lazy f*** who won't work but threatens everybody else to feed him or he will be violent. 

It is no accident that if you find a friend of Russia, you find an a** backwards little communist state that nobody in their right mind would want to visit.  Why do the Oligarchs (who at least are smart enough to be able to feed themselves) want to continue associating with your little brown commie buddies in Venezuela, Cuba, China, and Sudan.  In your head America sits around worrying about Russia, in reality Americans just don't give a F*** about you, since the 1980s nobody has said what about Russia.  In our houses we have nothing from Russia, nothing invented in Russia, nothing made there, nothing we really need and real life you are welcome to sell in America like all the rest of the world.  Instead of obsessing about what America is doing, get a life.  If you want to continue to get your next generations DNA from third worlders out at Patricia Lumba, great, what does America care.  You see the world as America and Russia, we see it as America and the World, sorry, but your backwards a** country, just isn't that important to us.  Honestly, it never was.  To us you are just more Skraeling.