In your head America sits around worrying about Russia, in reality Americans just don't give a F*** about you, since the 1980s nobody has said what about Russia.

Right, and this is Slavic forum, and we could not care at all about America.

In our houses we have nothing from Russia, nothing invented in Russia, nothing made there, nothing we really need and real life you are welcome to sell in America like all the rest of the world.  Instead of obsessing about what America is doing, get a life.  If you want to continue to get your next generations DNA from third worlders out at Patricia Lumba, great, what does America care.  You see the world as America and Russia, we see it as America and the World, sorry, but your backwards a** country, just isn't that important to us.  Honestly, it never was.  To us you are just more Skraeling.   

Of course, when country like USA has never been invaded, conquered, oppressed or even had war on own soil (aside from Civil War, which in all honesty, was nothing compared to some of wars that have plagued Europe) or had oppressive imperialistic regimes (from outside or inside) or communism, deportations, repressions or even straight up genocide, they have nothing to worry about, except, for example, invent things. Given Russia's extremely difficult past, I think they have done quite well, considering.

Need we mention the Asiatic contribution to your own genetic make up by the Mongols and Tatars?

Coming from American? LOL!

Many whites have varying amounts of Native American and African ancestry. In a recent study, Gonçalves et al. 2007 reported Sub-Saharan and Amerindian mtDna lineages at a frequency of 3.1% (respectively 0.90% and 2.2%) in White Americans of European descent.


In another study, about 30% of all White Americans, approximately 66 million people, have a median of 2.3% of Black African admixture.


Current demographics of USA:

Race / Ethnicity Number Percentage of U.S. population

Not Hispanic or Latino 258,267,944 83.7 %

White 196,817,552 63.7 %
Black or African American 37,685,848 12.2 %
Asian 14,465,124 4.7 %
Two or more races 5,966,481 1.9 %
American Indian or Alaska Native 2,247,098 0.7 %
Some other race 604,265 0.2 %
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 481,576 0.2 %

Hispanic or Latino 50,477,594 16.3 %

White 26,735,713 8.7 %
Some other race 18,503,103 6.0 %
Two or more races 3,042,592 1.0 %
Black or African American 1,243,471 0.4 %
American Indian or Alaska Native 685,150 0.2 %
Asian 209,128 0.1 %
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 58,437 0.0 %


Future demographics of USA:

According to the US census bureau, the dominance of non-Hispanic white people, who today account for two-thirds of Americans, will be whittled away, falling steadily to less than half in 2042 and 46% by 2050. In the opposite trajectory, those who describe themselves as Hispanic, black, Asian and Native American will increase in proportion from about a third now to 54% by 2050.


Critical factors

1. Demographic time bomb (as shown above)

2. Massive debt:

The public debt has increased by over $500 billion each year since fiscal year (FY) 2003, with increases of $1 trillion in FY2008, $1.9 trillion in FY2009, and $1.7 trillion in FY2010. As of January 9, 2012 the gross debt was $15.23 trillion, of which $10.48 trillion was held by the public and $4.756 trillion was intragovernmental holdings. The annual gross domestic product (GDP) to the end of June 2011 was $15.003 trillion (July 29, 2011 estimate), with total public debt outstanding at a ratio of 100% of GDP, and debt held by the public at 69% of GDP.


3. Crippling overseas military campaign costs:

The costs of the War on Terror are often contested, as academics and critics of the component wars (including the Iraq War) have unearthed many hidden costs not represented in official estimates. The most recent major report on these costs come from Brown University in the form of the Costs of War project, which said the total for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan is at least $3.2-4 trillion. The report disavowed previous estimates of the Iraq War's cost as being under $1 trillion, saying the Department of Defense's direct spending on Iraq totaled at least $757.8 billion, but also highlighting the complementary costs at home, such as interest paid on the funds borrowed to finance the wars and a potential nearly $1 trillion in extra spending to care for veterans returning from combat through 2050.


According to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report published in October 2007, the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could cost taxpayers a total of $2.4 trillion dollars by 2017 when counting the huge interest costs because combat is being financed with borrowed money. The CBO estimated that of the $2.4 trillion long-term price tag for the war, about $1.9 trillion of that would be spent on Iraq, or $6,300 per U.S. citizen.


Land equipment

80 M1 Abrams tanks
55 Bradley fighting vehicles
20 Stryker wheeled combat vehicles
20 M113 armored personnel carriers
250 Humvees
500+ Mine clearing vehicles, heavy/medium trucks, and trailers
10 Amphibious Assault Vehicles

Air equipment

109 Helicopters
18 Fixed-Wing Aircraft


4. Dependence on China:

As the United States’ biggest foreign creditor — holding an estimated $1.5 trillion in American government debt


America is quite simply going to go down same route as South Africa is at rate it is going, so don't think you can come here onto Slavic forum, slag Slavic nation and boast about USA, which was indeed once greatest nation on earth, but given n*****s and spics will be majority soon in your country, you can pretty much look forward to be Brazil 2.0.

Get off your high horse, son, seriously. If you wish to remain on this forum, please contribute something regarding Slavism and stop repeatedly defending America on here as if it is something we Slavs care about.