Unfortunatelly there is no nation in the world who wouldn't like to see the USA get fucked up (people like seeing tyrants fall). For Europe it is just a renegade colony, that got pumped up on steroids, for Asia a consumer market like any other, don't give a crap who is there as long as they buy things. For Africa… nothing to say.

I doubt a nation with such a friendly enviroment will last longer than the next hundred years max. I did forgot the muslim world however, those guys still show a lot of love as you noticed since 2001.

[td][img height=300]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a7/Census-2000-Data-Top-US-Ancestries-by-County.svg” />[/td]
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[td]After the next big crisis we'll see all those pink and violet parts of the USA start separating and creating 'North Mexico' and 'Black America', with nobody there to help the Yankees out. Just watching, taking some photos and eating popcorn.

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