Russian History for Dummies??  Is that the book you studied at Patricia Lumba University???

Oh, again  :D  You're so obsessed with that subhuman university, of course, their students look pretty american for you:


I don't see anybody f**** asians or third worlders here.

Calm down, buy glasses  ;) just don't look at the mirror.

Let me ask you, before the Asians moved in and started dating your Ancestors and spending the money they took from them do you not realize that they were more like Europe than Asia?

My dear internet warrior, while your cowboy ancestors were drinking and looking for "sexy" african women, Orthodox Russians in Siberia didn't mix with aborigenes, and even disliked atheists among Russians.

Your alphabet is clearly based on the Greeks, your architecture on Byzantium, etc. 

Wow, you never use latin alphabet at the life, because it's based on the Greek alphabet too. It is not surprising when you consider that half of America can not read. ;)  And of course, all Russia lives in the Byzantium buildings :D

In our houses we have nothing from Russia, nothing invented in Russia, nothing made there, nothing we really need and real life you are welcome to sell in America like all the rest of the world.

Well, ok, you never used TV in your life, you live without electrical devices, maybe you transmite your redneck's chouvinism by your latino friends.. Only wildlife, alcohol, shotgun, redneck-neighbors and a black girlfriend..

What can I say.. your yankee brain stay live at the times of the cold war. When your population will look like an afro-latino-asians, you will continue to shout about the victory over the ussr, speak something in Spanish dialect about evil Russians, "ZOG bless America" ect. This's the diagnosis…