Enough of the World has Amercan promisary notes that the rich in those contries can not afford to see us fail or colapse.  By the way, experts in Europe have been predicting her demise, since Queen Elizabeth the First of England, in the 1600s France had a economic colapse, because they thought their American possesions were wrthless, in the 1700s the Bank of Scottland caused collapsed, because they thought their American Colony was worthless (the US took their idea and built a canal there called the Panama Canal, making a fortune) causing Scottland to lose it's indepence, Great Britain's King George bet twice that America could not survive (revolution and war of 1812, Napolean saw no future in the US sold half the country(the Louisiana Purchase) for 14 million dollares, Mexico's Santa Anna was sure they could could handle America twice and got beaten by Texas before America could intervene and then by America in the Mexican -American war (Santa Anna had the best European Military Advisors money could buy at the time), Great Britain was sure the American Union was shattered in the US Civil War and shipped arms, equipment and ships to the Southern Confederacy, along with Belgium, France and Germany, The Spanish King told his Generals that Spain could easily handle the US before losing the Spaish -American war, the Philipines, Guam, Cuba andPuerto Rico to the US, and then Germany's Kaiser saw no military potential in the US so he took Mexico as his Allie instead of the US in World War I (Zimmerman Telegram, US enters war in 1917 and it's over by 1918),  Imperial Japan having beaten Imperial Russia in Russo-Japanese war attacks US and literally gets chased out of every jungle in Asia and then gets nuked (her Army Generals were under the impressions tha Americans were soft and had no fighting spirit like Japanese), my personal favorite Herr Hitler is so impressed that the Japanese destroyed the US Navy except for two Aircraft Carriers at Pearl Harbor that he declares war on the US (Goering jokes that Americans make the best razor blades, but doubts they can make a decent fighter plane). 

For the record the US economy is the biggest in the World, China would have to double it's economy every year for fifteen years to catch up assumming the US has no growth.  Any country or individual can buy US debt (US bonds) I own some myself, but the act that the biggest economic powers in the world keep and store their wealth in US bands and money says a lot about the US economic strength.  The US also holds the largest gold reserves in the world.  According to the Wendish Heritage Society the richest Slavic people in the world as a group live in what country, you guessed it the US.  Not surprising as just about any group of people in the world Germanics, Celts, etc, the richest ones live all under the same government, the US.

So keep betting their going away, your in good company, by the way we have been fighting Muslims since the Barbary Pirates, I would say they are the ones with a growing problem, since we are a little bit bigger than we were in 1799.

Viking boy the reason you survived all those incidents is because at those times US had a mono-white all english speaking extreamly productive population with no other loyalties than America, unlike now when your ENTIRE nation jumps when some hooked nose semite ala-Israel says jump.

Now with in this century white now semi productive population with great affinity twoards Israel is shrinking by the year in the sea of shitskins and by the end of this century US white population will be a minority. And do you know how the Barbary incident ended? You payed your tribute and promised to never step foot in Lybia xD

And the only reason why US doesn't collapse right now it's because of the dollar (to which there will be alternatives in decade or two like Euro) and a large millitary you can not afford for much longer.