Great quotes. A nationalist government should be given all power necessary to encourage development and progress and to protect the nation's interests, not more and not less. Libertarianism and similar trains of thought are of no use here – the main goal of libertarians is (simplified) to make as much profit and live as comfortable as possible. Thus, libertarians are not only slaves of the economy but also slaves of their greed and inferior hedonism. You can not expect great ideas to be developed in a libertarian society, only stagnation, consumerism and, inevitably, degeneration. If you do not tell the people which path to take they end up running against walls.

Libertarianism ultimately is doomed since it is based on indulgence. In a libertarian society, people are divided into as many self-serving units (even down to the individual citizens) as possible and all scramble at each others' expense. By sheer luck, this sometimes works, but most often results in collusion and the formation of conglomerates (such as the current Russian Oligarchs) that are for practical purposes above the law with their power to bribe, lobby and influence the State (which should be a PUBLIC THING – the original meaning of "Republic").

The opposite, which the quotes I used (from Mein Kampf) suggest, is a society based in service. On giving rather than taking. People are united as a one, a folk, and work together. That sounds crazy and radical, but that's because no one has tried it seriously. Hitler (the 1924 Hitler dictating MK) envisioned such an idea, but it is hard to say that he put it to practice. The revenge-bent sections of the NSDAP and greater German population didn't allow for such an idea to flourish and pushed their pretty good idea went into being an excuse for imperialism and chauvinism, much akin to Bolshevik bloodlust. Then the Brits joined the "fun" and bombed the living shit out of Germany. That's another story though.