Personal note: I considered not adding 'Sveti Georgije ubiva aždahu' from the same director as 'Rane', Srdjan Dragojevic, because I personally find it a failed movie. Eventhough the director has quality, unfortunately, and that is the point, he shows his talent only in handling low-life degeneric, 90's war or other negative themes, but is unable to bring up any of that quality when confronted with positive ones considering our culture and tradition (like the story 'Sveti Georgije Ubiva Azdahu' should have been).

Movie is total fail. Dragojevic deserve electric chair.

Great film about 1st World war:

Mars na Drinu (The march on Drina) – 1964

Serbian army battery in the First World War, is forced march with no stopping and rest, arrives to Cer and, in decisive moment, enters the fight and throws off Austrian troops which penetrated into the country. This is not only the chronicle of Cer battle, but Serbian drama and drama of one nation who made impossible possible during the fight against the empire which wanted to take away their country. This drama is based on credible events and authentic documents.

Marš na Drinu / Марш на Дрину – филм – 1964 (english title)