My favorite series:

Врућ Ветар (Hot Wind)

Vruć vetar is one most popular Yugoslav TV series that aired in 1980. The movie was popular in neighboring countries (Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria)-also very popular in Czechoslovakia.


The show follows the adventures of Šurda, a man in his mid 30s from Vlasotince who comes to Belgrade to work and get rich. In Belgrade he lives in a small house with his granny and uncle Firga, a retired mason. Šurda buys a local barbershop, but this job doesn't suit him, so Šurda sells the barbershop and buys a car to become a taxi driver. He is not successful in this job either, so Šurda, after listening to Bob's story about better life abroad, decides to become gastarbeiter, a guest worker in Germany. But none of the jobs he finds are right for him, so he is forced to return to Yugoslavia. Here, he meets Vesna, an attractive stewardess, and the couple eventually get married. Firga succeeds in employing Šurda in his former construction firm. There, Šurda, with a little cheating, wins a flat that the company gives for its own workers, but after some internal problems within the company, Šurda is forced to fight for the flat. Eventually, Firga is awarded a new flat, so the whole family settle to a new home and they find that their new flat is occupied by Pera, a homeless chemist.

Vruć vetar – 3. epizoda