Nice topic. But only few movies mentioned. We have many great movies, some understandable only by us, some by all yugo's, and some by all.

Someone asked if "Rane" were real. Unfortunatly, it is very real. Everyone growing up in those times knew at least a few characters like those from the movie. Half of the script is inspired by real events which took place in Belgrade in those times. Some of punchlines were real, story about how Svaba shoot Pinki and then Pinki had to shoot him back is a real story, which was first seen on the TV show "Tragaci"("Puls Asfalta" in the movie) on Belgrade TV station Studio-B. Characters from real story were Marko and Besha from a part of town called Miljakovac. The sentence that Svaba is shouting to the demonstrating crowd from his car is a sentence that one of real characters used a lot, Ćanda.  Only thing missing from the movie are counters with the police.
So, as I said, that movie is full of references understandable only by us. Even yugo's doesn't notice half of it. But I am very glad that someone out of balkan watched it.

Back to the topic, I don't know where to start, so I will just put whatever I remember first. I will start with a movie called "Balkanska pravila":

"Movie about secret relations between Yugoslavian, Serbian and Croatian secret police during last 50 years. Here in Balkans truth and lies are so much mixed and it lasts so long that no one knows the difference. That is why this fictitious story looks so true."

"Balkanska pravila" (1997) srpski film … http://www.miLL.iz.rs