Hi Povhec, thank you very much for your welcome.

I was refering to those inside Belgrade underground stories which even people from Serbia didn't catch, some of which I've explained in that post you're quoting.

There are other interesting references which you should have noticed, like in this scene (one of the greatest ever :)) MIKI MANOJLOVIC RANE
Have you noticed with what she is watering her flowers?

I know about Dragan, they are strong, but Slovenia is going to sentence him, in Serbia, he would probably alredy be out of jail

LOL yes she is dozing her flowers with caffeine. Ancient Serbian gardening secret perhaps? ;D

Yes i belive Belgrade mafia is pretty hardcore. I think main reason that mafia is so strong in Serbia is evident in Rane. INTERNATIONAL SANCTIONS.

Pinki says several times that he dosent give a shit about war and sanctions and he even suggests that sanctions are good for business i thnik but i am not sure becouse i forgot a bit.

It is also funny when Kure comes from war full with TV's and other stolen stuff and old guy asks him did you fight well and Kure says samo za majko srbijo or something like that. It is obvious Kure went to war to steal stuff. ;D