Of course, Boj na Kosovu!

Boj na Kosovu ceo film

E, nisam ga dugo gledao… Da ga pogledam jos jednom. A nakon njega:

Banovic Strahinja (The Falcon) – 1981
Banovic Strahinja (US: The Falcon – video title) is a 1981 Yugoslavian film. During the late 14th century Serbia becomes the target of the Ottoman Empire. While the respected Serbian noble Strahinja Banovic is out hunting, a Turkish renegade gang burns his castle, kills all of his servants, and takes the young wife of Banovic Strahinja. Strahinja begins a long quest to rescue his wife despite everybody else's doubts in her fidelity. He gathers a 'druzhina' and goes after the bandits. In the meantime, the Turkish bandit Alija tries to seduce Strahinja's wife Andjelija, but she refuses him. However, over a period of time she begins to weaken. Based upon a traditional Serbian epic poem, the greatest significance of the story is in the contrasts that arise between traditional and human: Representatives of traditional morality in the poem are members of the Jugović family (brothers and father of the abducted Andjelija), while Strahinja is a figure that goes beyond the limits of the laid down norms and relies only on his own humanity.

Banovic Strahinja – full movie