Всупереч усьому / Живјети за инат / Naperekor vsemu (Living out of spite / Defying everybody) – 1972
Russian, Serbian co-production made by the Ukrainian director Yuri Ilyenko. This movie depicts the sole core of the Serbian ethnos. To understand the movie, you have to be informed with some historical facts. It covers the period from 1795, when Petar I Petrovic Njegos returned from Russia, till the battles at Martinci and Krusa in July and September of 1796. At that time femine and powerty ruled over Montenegro. Society was very rural and patriarchal. People were divided into brotherhoods, consisted of large families. It was the time of humanity and valor. Many young men never returned from battles. Women were left widowed, children lost their fathers and brothers. Faced with the situation, being pressed with the Turkish occupation, Petar I had to deal with a lot of ordeals in order to unite the Montenegrin Serbs. For any viewer whishing to grant some introspective in the Serbian national identity, this is a movie worth watching.

Living out of spite (Russian) – full movie