As far Polish language and languages in Poland go, there is three categories:

1) Gwara
2) Dialekt
3) Osobny język

Silesian for me is not really separate language, since I can understand them over 90%-95% when they speak in their dialekt (I work with one, 100% pure-blooded Silesian as they should be, so I know exactly how they talk, also I have uncle living in Zabrze) while Kaszubski is separate language (osobny język) from Polish, like Slovak and Sorbian are, though indeed, I understand it in written form and provided it is not spoken too fast and without too much local slang (let's say between 70%-90%). ;D

Though indeed it is not gwara. Gwara are regional differences in Polish language (most of which are disappearing thanks to Warsaw-influenced television/media), but Silesian does not fall under this category either, therefore it is hard to really call what they speak pure Polish as one learns in schools or hears (or rather heard once in comparison to how retarded youth talk ::)) in media. On other hand, like there used to be gwaras spoken among Kujawiacy, people from Poznań and such, which is Polish with some strange use of words and pronounciation (I don't know if same thing is in other Slavic languages) with lots of own words that often mean something very different in some other gwaras spoken in other regions of Poland (I know that in Germany there is something similar), Silesians have too many linguistic differences to just be considered regular Polish gwara, IMO.

Though separate language like Slovak, Sorbian or Kaszubian? Not to mention greater extent Czech (some of what they say is REALLY strange and I wonder where they came up with this weird phrases)? ;D I strongly disagree with that. I can understand them better than any of examples I posted above.

To conclude, separate nation? Yes and no. Let them have what they want, but like Sokil said, regionalism is also bad, and I doubt they have grounds to claim own state. Why should Austrians live separate from Germans? Or Walloons from French? Or Flemish from Dutch? Or Moldavians from Romanians? Same story here too.


Here is map that I think describes it quite well (in pre-war terms anyway, since communism and especially now, this has declined to one standard in mainstream).

Autonomy for Silesians? OK, I can go with it. Independence? Not really. They are not really that separate from Poles, sorry, like Slovaks, Kaszubs or Sorbs are.

But I cannot speak for them and they must also know what they want. Bądź mądry i pisz wiersze. ;D

BTW Pentaz, Dialekt Małopolski can I suppose be called Dialekt Białochorwacki, since it corresponds almost exactly with old White Croatia. ;D