Croats came some couple of years before the Serbs to the peninsula according to the documents, which makes them so to speak ‘older’ in these parts . Surname is a patronym of the progenitor, just surname alone doesn’t help you much if you do not know the origins of it. Croats and Serbs often shared same names, especially biblical ones, but also the old Slavic ones.

Croats and Serbs of today come from the Slavic tribes of the same names, that came from the regions which are now southern part of Poland, northern part of Czeska and Slovakia, western part of Ukraine and eastern part of Germany (from the region bearing their toponyms to this day on, like Srbská or Chorvátsky). The Serbs were on the western side bordering to the east the Croats and to the west the Franks, the Croats were on the eastern side, bordering to the west the Serbs. Sometime around 600 CE, a part of them came to the peninsula, conquering the Romans that lived there, romanised descendants of Illyrians and Thracians (NOT Illyrians and Thracians), namely the ancestors of the people now known as Vlachs, and taking their woman (which made our children look also southern and darker and not just northern and blond, to this day on), further uniting the smaller Slavic clans and tribes that already lived there under their rule, giving them their names, namely Croats and Serbs. The Slavic tribes and clans further in the east of the peninsula were united under a turanic tribe called Bulgar from the Pontic Steppe, that was soon assimilated, but left them their name, namely Bulgarians.

– This is the documented and fact supported theory of the south Slavic ethnogenesis, everything else is ‘would be great if we were Iranian Martians that built the pyramids’.


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