I2a2a came probably with the Slavic invasion, since there were no migrations from south towards the north that could bring that genes upwards. As for the I group of the ‘Goths’ it is a different mutation then our one, namely I1a.

I2a2a in Europe – Lay it over the Serbo/Croat migration theories present, it is congruent

Genetically speaking we have those parts whose women we took, that were not always of Slavic stock, but of the ones we conquered. However since the people inherit their traditional identity by their fathers, our lineage is Slavic (as well as the lineage of all Slavs). The Croat and Serb tribes that founded our nations came as warrior hordes, that conquered the Romans (romanised Thraco-Illyrian descendants) killed their men and took their women, thus expanded their tribes. It was the contemporary way of conduct then.


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