The research supports the archeological facts, as well as the Serbo/Croat Slavic migration theory.

Hmmm sorry I meant the original progenitor haplogroup I (not I1) was carried by paleolithic population from the Balkan northwards. It has since disappeared, mutated, that’s why it’s not present in the south in this form. The haplogroup I (paleo Europeans migrating northward) is the progenitor of 1I (20000 yrs ago, Scandinavia.) on the other hand it’s also the progenitor of the Haplogroup I2 which gives birth to two divergent groups, I2b (Germany., 14000 yrs ago), but also I2a (10000 yrs ago). Northern Europe is composed mostly of I1, while Croatia – Ukraine mostly of I2a2.

“Y-DNA haplogroup I is a European haplogroup, representing nearly one-fifth of the population. It is almost non-existent outside of Europe, suggesting that it arose in Europe. Estimates of the age of haplogroup I suggest that it arose prior to the last Glacial Maximum.

The two main subgroups of haplogroup I likely divided approximately 28,000 years ago:

* I1-M253 et al has highest frequency in Scandinavia, Iceland, and northwest Europe. In Britain, haplogroup I1-M253 et al is often used as a marker for “invaders,” Viking or Anglo-Saxon. The I1b-M227 subclade is concentrated in eastern Europe and the Balkans and appears to have arisen in the last one thousand to five thousand years. It has been reported in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia, and Lebanon.

* I2-M438 et al includes I2* which shows some membership from Armenia, Georgia and Turkey; I2a-P37.2, which is the most common form in the Balkans and Sardinia; I2a2-M26 is especially prevalent in Sardinia. I2b-M436 et al reaches its highest frequency along the northwest coast of continental Europe. I2b1-M223 et al occurs in Britain and northwest continental Europe. I2b1a-M284 occurs almost exclusively in Britain, so it apparently originated there and has probably been present for thousands of years.”

Taken from: http://www.isogg.org/tree/ISOGG_HapgrpI.html

Sorry for taking this long to reply… experiencing technical problems.

Edit: But your quote from wikipedia is for I2a1b1 not I2a2a


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