There was almost-to-no Gothic settlements in Croatia, BiH or Serbia. The blondism amon South-Slavs is mostly due to Slavic Neo-Danubian and Eastern-Nordic commponent.

In 2010 it was argued that I2a2a (The dominant Serbo/Croat genetic haplogroup) is too young not to have been a result of a sudden expansion. According to Kenneth Nordtvedt, a genetic genealogist, gene I2a2a arose not earlier than 2500 years ago in Eastern Europe. He has presumed this to be a consequence from the Slavic invasion of the Balkans, from the area north-east of the Carpathians since 500 CE. In 2011 Nordtvedt has confirmed I2a2a is not older than 2,800 years. In his last comments about Haplogroup I tree and the conjectured spread map, he locates the start of the I2a2a lineage around the middle course of the Vistula.

The research supports the archeological facts, as well as the Serbo/Croat Slavic migration theory.

Cvetinov, it wasn’t I1 that moved north and mutated but it was just “I” that was the haplogroup of paleo-Euopeans that settled Balkans during last European ice-age and as the European climate changed and ice melted away these proto-European Balkanians started to move towards north and thus during few thousand years these of “I” that settled in north mutated into I1 while those that stayed under the Alps later to be called Illyrians mutated into I2. I am aware of Kenneth Nordtvedt and his newest theory, but that is not confirmed and it’s just his new idea which i am certain will prove wrong within this year.

I see you supporting his view and i’m alright with it, but so i would like to ask you then can you point me out to the genes of Illyrians, people that were present at the era before Slavic arrival of Croats, Serbs? There has probably been killing but as well through history sources we also know they weren’t wiped off but were joined into the Slavic invaders, so where are these natives in our Haplogroups then if both R1a and I2 came from East with Slavs? It’s simple logic at work.

1) We have paleo-European natives Haplogroup I that survived the Ice-Age in Europe and left no language legacy due to IE invaders that both conquered them and impressed them with their culture and technology,
2) We have first weave of indo-Europeans that come during neolithic from south of Europe under the Black Sea (thus either losing the blondism or not developing it from brown hair) during their migrations and these are the R1b that later came to be Romans(Ethruscians), Hellenes and Celts and one more group that mixed with other paleo-Europeans and became Basques.
3) We have last weave of indo-Europeans that moved directly from east towards northern and eastern Europe above Black Sea i.e. the R1a people that later became Slavs and others are Nords that mixed with paleos HPI of Scandianvia. This last IE weave, R1a weave, is the barbarian peoples of Europe, Scandinavian Norse and Slavs.


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