So Dalmatia along Greece and Tharacia on east was one of the oldest and most populated areas of Balkans settled with Illyrians of which we speak here, yet there is almost no E1b1b1(E-V13) there, how would you explain that then?

You are right that E-V13 is older than haplogroup I, but it is not longer in Europe than Haplogroup I is thus that is why we call haplogroup I native european.

E-V13 in Greek society and Balkans can be attributed to mixing with Semitic peoples of south as Berbers were during neolithic and Arabic admixture in later course of history, thought geneticall same semitic people only in two weaves.

As the research says:
The European distribution has a frequency peak centered in parts of the Balkans (up to almost 50% in some areas)[3][23] and Sicily, and declining frequencies evident toward western, central, and northeastern Europe.
We all know that Sicilian population is made of Normans and Semites (Arabs).


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