and btw Haplogroup I is present in Europe for 22,200 years.

Haplogroup E is present in Europe only for 10,000 years.

So to conclude E is brought first by Berbers during neolithic then later by Arabs thought both do not classify as European “Berber is a member of the Afroasiatic language family like Arabic. Its grouping within that family is uncertain.” So you are wrong about it, that cannot be the native European population of Balkans thought they did enter Europe before some Indo-Europeans, but still that doesn’t makes them European neither native unlike HP I people.

What is confusing you and both mr.Kenneth is why is there Haplogroup I in Ukraine thus the theory about some migration from there, however Haplogroup I did originate there, it is connected with Gravettian culture  (The earliest evidence of Gravettian culture comes from the Buran-Kaya caves in the Crimean Mountains (southern Ukraine), dating to 32,000 years ago.) and spread towards Balkans, the last warm part of Europe in beginning of the Ice age, thus these HP I people settled there to survive the winter and after the Ice age then the moved from Balkans to north as far as Southern Scandinavia and Denmark, however these people we’re not Slavs, they were paleo-Europeans since the R1a Indo-Europeans come into the picture only around 15 000 years later.


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